This is What Happens When Your Fave 90s Cartoons Are On Drugs


Are you ready to have your fave 90s cartoons characters from your childhood ruined?

These characters were given new life by an illustrator, but his recreations are not quite what you expect.

Paul Ribera reimagined the famous characters from being innocent-looking to someone who’s in a state of drug addiction. His humorous yet devastating illustrations gave goosebumps to a lot of people on the Internet as they feel their childhood characters crumbling down the drain.

In an interview, Ribera said, “I want people to know what goes on in the boarded up house and how it’s not all Kim & Kanye and happy stadium proposals the media tends to give off. Life’s struggle is real and it’s in our own backyard and in this case, it’s in our cartoons.”

What triggered this project is his fascination over “the drug lifestyle.” Ribera was rewatching his favorite cartoons when he came up with an idea to go “dark as hell with it and let the popular images the world knows turn into what I’ve seen on a daily basis for the past 20 years.”









Check out these videos below.


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