This Talented Artist Uses Makeup to Transform Herself Into Other Personalities…Amazing!

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Depending on the application of contours and shadows, makeup can either make or break a person’s overall look. However, for makeup artist Rebecca Swift, the power of makeup goes beyond what we can imagine.

Recently, Swift started a 100-day challenge, where she transforms her face into other people by using nothing but makeup.

This talented artist mimics the faces of various classic characters and renowned celebrities.

She can make herself look tough like Imperator Furiosa.

She can even turn herself into a fictional character.

And, she even got the jewelry right for Hillary Clinton.

Aside from imitating female characters, she also does male personalities like Ryan Gosling.



Her version of George Clooney even looks great.

She also imitates unconventional heartthrobs.

If you think imitating persons is all she can do, then you’ll be impressed with this.

Here’s her version of the infamous Joker.



And, here’s another of Poison Ivy.

This one is Edward Scissorhands.

The photos below are some of Swift’s stunning makeup works, all of which are shared on Instagram.


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