These Amazing Van Gogh Paintings Were Animated to Become a Film – Video


A new film will incorporate 120 works of famous Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh in an animation brought to life.

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A group of filmmakers, artists, and hardcore Van Gogh devotees are taking the artists words literally, when he said in one of his last letters, “The truth is, we cannot speak other than by our paintings.”


A biopic of the artist’s life and mysterious death called Loving Vincent is currently in the works and is going to be the first-ever film made entirely of animated paintings in his swirling style canvases. The trailer is a peek at the stunning intensity of the works brought back to life.

The film will be directed by Polish painter Dorota Kobiela and filmmaker Hugh Welchman and is told entirely through the images and characters that the artist himself brought to life in starry nights, snow-covered fields, absinthe drinkers, and hardworking postmen.

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All in all, over 120 of Van Gogh’s paintings will make their way into the narrative, with a buzz of motion translating themselves into literal moment, thanks to hand-painted animation. The plot is also woven together from 800 letters that the artist wrote and stitched together for a dramatic reconstruction of the events leading up to his death.

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Loving Vincent producers are also currently recruiting painters to be trained to work in Van Gogh’s style, to contribute to the epic vision of passion art. Those selected will be working in the film’s studio in Gdansk, Poland, until mid-2016.

The recruitment audition and process is detailed in the movie’s Web site.

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