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Venezuelan Artist Creates Incredible Realistic Paintings of Swimming People

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Hyperrealism is a popular genre of visual painting that is currently invading today’s art scene. This kind of painting is characterized by its resemblance to that of a high resolution photograph. Today, the art scene has seen the rise of several hyperrealist painters who are known for their distinct signature style.

One such example is Gustavo Silva Nunez.

Venezuelan artist Gustavo Silva Nunez is a hyperrealistic painter who specializes in creating paintings of people who are swimming, floating or sitting in the water. The artist makes use of light and reflections on his painting in creating the 3 dimensional effects on his astounding work of art.

To add further realism to his works, he poses the subjects in striking and interactive ways. This gives onlookers of the painting the illusion that they are also interacting with the subject of the paintings.

Here are just some of the artist’s amazing portraits of people in the water.

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Venezuelan Artist
Venezuelan Artist



Creating a Piece
Great Piece
Venezuelan Artist Paint
Realistic Swimming Painting


See how this artist brings his artwork to life.

See another hyper-realistic art below.

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