Video-Mapping Projection: Newest Tech Giving Life to Tattoos—Literally!

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Behind every tattoo is  a beautiful and meaningful message. But when you look at it as an art, it is simply stunning and gorgeous. When you add a bit of creativity and imagination, you will realize that it can be taken to a whole new level of coolness.

Can you imagine yourself getting inked with a design that moves and lights up the same way it does below?



Or perhaps having a tattoo that appears like it is staring right at you?



Having these designs would definitely make you a total standout. But are they real?



Through video-mapping projection, this cool effect is now attainable. This technology enables images to be projected or shown in an irregular shaped surface, like the human body, for an instance.

In the video below, produced by Oskar & Gaspar, the first-ever ink mapping has been documented. It was done in front of a live audience, and according to its description, “no post-production was used.”




Marvel at the ink mapping technology through the videos below.