Bars Came Crashing Down as Gymnast Performs – Unbelievable Discipline!


Gymnastics can look like an amazing sport, especially if the athletes make it look easy. They display their spectacular skills by performing unique bending techniques on balance beams, pole vaults, and uneven bars. But in all of history, there was no gymnast quite like Ludmilla Tourischeva.

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Ludmilla Tourischeva is a Russian gymnast who participated in the 1975 World Cup. Her overall performance was astounding, but that’s not what makes her a household name. In one of her performances, she attempted to do an exhibition on uneven bars, but the bars suddenly collapsed.

Fortunately, she was on her way to finish her whole routine when it happened. When the bars did collapse, she walked away like a boss, looking more awesome than ever.


Take a look at the video yourself and prepare to be amazed by the immense talent and discipline that this gymnast displayed.

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