Indian Chef Grabs Attention for Frying Fish in Boiling Oil Using Only His Bare Hands

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Prem Singh took the term “lend a helping hand” to a different level when he was asked to help out at his family restaurant. He has the ability to dip his hands in boiling oil without suffering burns. The oil is heated up to 392°F (200°C).

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The 65-year-old veteran fryer says he has never burned his skin or suffered any side effects from his habit. Singh says, “I have been doing this for 25 years. It is just about experience. I put my hand into hot oil once. Later I did it again. I soon realized that the hot oil did not do me any harm.”

Every day, Singh’s Ganesh Eatery has many customers and onlookers.

The crowds gather because they want to see him dip his hands in hot oil.

Singh’s father started the shop in Old Delhi back in 1960. They sold fried fish, but over the years, they have expanded their menu. Each day, the shop sells more than 220 pounds of fried fish.

Other Indian delicacies also on the menu are mutton tikkas, kebabs, and tandoori chicken.

Singh’s fried fish has earned him a fan following. Visitors travel across the regions just to have a taste.

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