Daredevil Travels All Around the World to Perform Death-Defying Handstands


One of his incredible feats is balancing on a fence which was only a couple of inches wide. Scott said, “This was more of a technical challenge, because the flat top of the fence was only as wide as my thumb.”

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Samantha Young, Scott’s mother, is frightened by the insane stunts her son performs. She doesn’t want to watch any of them.

Scott shared, “She got a bit annoyed when I showed her the first video, so I’ve stopped telling her about them now.”

Scott is able to pull off these amazing stunts because of his experience. At the young age of 15, he has been practicing free-running, an urban sport that involves jumping from one building to another or by acrobatically climbing, passing, and descending obstacles. Scott has also been featured in films, one of which was The Amazing Spiderman.

But it’s not all fun and games for Scott. He has sustained a couple of injuries while doing his stunts, like snapping an ankle and tearing some ligaments on his shoulder. Despite these, Scott continues to prove that he’s one hell of a daredevil and he lets his unbelievable stunts do the talking.

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