Dutch Girl Wows Crowd with Her “I Will Always Love You” Version

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Dutch Girl Wows Crowd with Her “I Will Always Love You” Version

You know how aspiring singers always choose Whitney Houston‘s “I Will Always Love You” in singing competitions? It’s because the song has those high notes, which when hit, will show much of the performer’s singing prowess. You’ve heard it sung by Jennifer Hudson and even Ariana Grande, and they hit it. But this version of the then fourteen-year-old girl will leave you breathless.

Teenage Dutch Laura van Kaam joined The Voice Kids Holland in 2013 and appeared in the blind auditions with her guitar and the courage to cover the famous song. When she first plucked her guitar, everyone wasn’t expecting she’d go with a Whitney Houston song. But when she belted it out, the room was silent.

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Laura added a different touch to the song but retained the high notes and hit it. You can say it’s acoustic, but you will surely say it’s amazing. The judges and the audience stood after her performance, and a loud applause was heard in the hall.

Laura ended up as the grand winner of the season two of The Voice and became popular after the show.

Everyone has a hidden talent, but some just stand out in a way that is nearly unbelievable, and Laura is one of them. She’s true prodigy.


Check out Laura’s “I Will Always Love You” performance below

Here are few more videos of Laura’s performances in The Voice

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