World-Record ‘Aquaman’ Can Hold His Breath Underwater for 22 Minutes

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Aquaman might just be a real person. Stig Severinsen is a 39-year-old man who has the superhuman ability to remain underwater for twenty-two minutes.

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The Denmark native beat his own previous record of 20 minutes 10 seconds. The previous record was achieved when Stig was submerged in a tank full of sharks.


To achieve the new record, he needed some outside assistance. He was allowed to breathe in pure oxygen piped into a respirator in the pool.

The new record was done in a dive training pool with a temperature of 30 degrees. Stig is able to drop his resting heart rate to below 30 beats per minute while submerged in water, which allows him to slow the rate of burning the oxygen in his body.


Stig told Reddit in an interview that he using calming techniques and a sort of underwater meditation. In his case, he recalls childhood memories so his mind has something to focus on.

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