Middle-School Dropout Is Now Worth $14 Million


When we hear the word dropout, what pops up to our mind is someone who failed at school, whom we often tag them as some lazy youngster. But not all dropouts are teens who gave up on life and just want to live off their parents’ money. There are those who got kicked out of school but still became a successful entrepreneur. Same is the case for Jordan Daykin.

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Daykin left school at the young age of 13. At the time, there was no chance for him to get a job, but Daykin made a plan to change his future. Together with his grandfather Stan, they made a prototype for a universal plasterboard fitting.


With all their combined effort, a multimillion-dollar business was born from their garden shed in Wiltshire. Their product, GripIt, was then stocked and patented by Screwfix, a DIY retailer of hardware products, trade tools, and accessories, in 2012. Other retailers followed soon too.

Daykin was able to secure an investment worth $113,514 from Deborah Meaden, when he entered the BBC’s Dragon’s Den. That’s when the business got stronger and better. The business is now worth $14 million, and Meaden’s original investment is estimated to be only worth $3.5 million.


But Daykin’s amazing success comes with a price, and that price is controversy. According to reports, Daykin was accused of stealing his mother’s jewelry worth $5,000, four televisions and Swarovski crystals, after he allegedly broke into her home in 2014.


Despite the accusation, no charges were ever brought against Daykin, and he claims that he was permitted to be inside the house after his brother and mother had a fight. Daykin’s spokesmen said that with regard to the items, he only took those that belonged to him.


Daykin’s comment about the incident explained what he truly felt. He said that ever since the accident, he hasn’t spoken to his mom. He thought that he might as well leave it as it is, since the damage to his reputation was already done. He added, “I had the chance to go and live in Africa with my dad, but I couldn’t face leaving my grandparents, they are more like a mom and dad figure than my own parents.”

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Despite his business’s overwhelming success that Daykin, he is still pretty humble about it. He doesn’t think that money and riches are the best things he has achieved. For him, it’s the thought of how he and his grandpa worked on the garden shed and invented something amazing. Most importantly, what he considers the best achievement of all is the smile on his grandpa’s face.

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