7 Mind-Blowing Flash Mobs That Left Onlookers Stunned


There’s no better way to brighten up a bad day than a crazy good flash mob. That moment when out of nowhere, a group of people pops out of an unaware crowd, then takes the center floor to dance or do something nothing short of awesome.

Flash mobs are everywhere. Some use it to spice up their wedding proposal. Some organize one to promote a show. Some do it to make the rest of us a little happier. Here’s a list of seven of the most stupendous flash mobs.

Ohio Union

 Here is the Ohio State University’s latest flash mob video. The school’s students and staff broke out at the new Ohio Union and danced to American rock band Journey‘s “Don’t Stop Believing”. The clip, which was uploaded in YouTube in March 2010, has been viewed  more than 6 million times.

It may not be the best on the list, but the university proved how viral a flash mob can get. Just like how fast the group grew from just a pair of dancers to hundreds, a flash mob clip spreads like wildfire too.



Frozen Grand Central

This clip, uploaded two years ago, opened the door for the flash mob revolution. It shows a group of estimated 200 people freeze out of the blue in the middle of the Grand Central Station. After 5 minutes, they suddenly unfroze as if nothing happened and left the shocked onlookers mind-blown.

The Frozen Grand Central video now has more than 35 million views.

The T-Mobile Dance

Mobile operator company T-Mobile used the popularity of flash mobs to advertise their services. In a three-minute clip that has been watched more than 40 million times, a group of dancers shocked people in the Liverpool Station with an interactive flash mob.



Sound of Music Antwerp

Here’s another flash mob that was used as an advertisement. This time, it took place in Antwerp Station and it’s for a Belgian TV show, which at the time was looking for someone to play the leading role in the musical The Sound of Music. The 200 participants in the flash mob danced to “Do Re Mi” from the legendary musical. The clip now has more than 30 million views.

Stockholm, A Dance Tribute for Michael Jackson

While others use flash mob as a promotion or as a prank, in 2009 in Stockholm, Sweden, 300 dancers showed their groove on the street as a tribute for Michael Jackson.

Here’s an interesting fact behind the viral video: the dancers practiced the dance for only 30 minutes and performed it an hour later. Still, they nailed it. Now it’s viewed more than 13 million times.



Black Eyed Peas Flash Mob to Surprise Oprah

In an Oprah Winfrey Show episode shot in Chicago, what Oprah Winfrey thought would just be the normally fun “I Got a Feeling” performance by the Black Eyed Peas turned out to be a huge surprise for her when the whole audience started to gather and dance.

It started with one woman jamming and dancing to the song. After a few seconds, she was joined by few other people. Many more joined in till it looked like the whole crowd was dancing in sync.

Oprah was stunned, happily recording the performance with her phone. The host even jumped with the people and shouted at the end, “That is the coolest thing ever!”

Flash Mob at the Supermarket

Due to the popularity of the Frozen Grand Central video, a group of people attempted to replicate the flash mob at a local grocery store in Manchester.

Fifty flash mobbers suddenly froze at the same time. Some were on the floor. Some were still holding grocery items. Some were just leaning on the side. After a few minutes, all the participants went back to what they were doing like nothing happened.

There is an overflowing excitement on the part of the dancers when they give happiness in a very unexpected way. They might not be aware of it, but they might have just made a person having a really bad day smile.



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