Homeless Piano Virtuoso Gets a Life-Changing Makeover



If you happen to pass by the Public Arts Exhibit in Sarasota, Florida, you will see 51-year-old Donald Gould playing beautiful music on one of the pianos on display every day. When a passerby posted a video on him playing the piano on Facebook, it immediately went viral.

Donald, who was a former Marine, lived hard and adverse life. His wife died in 1998, leaving him behind with a 1-year-old son. Because of drug addiction, he lost custody of his son and never heard of him since then. His son, Donny, was adopted by his grandmother, and when she could no longer provide for him, he was adopted by a couple from Michigan.

For the past seven years, Donald has lived on the streets and has been relying on handouts and tips for playing the piano.

Through the kindheartedness of some strangers, Donald was given a chance to start all over again in the form of a complete makeover. First, they shopped him some new wardrobe. Then he had a haircut and shave, his first in 18 months. Within a few hours, he was a caveman no longer!

But that was not all. He played at a local restaurant, and he was paid for that gig and for the gigs that followed after that!

Donald wanted to teach music, but time had been so hard on him the dream was never realized. But his dreams go beyond playing music. His biggest dream is to be reunited with his estranged son.

“There’s not a day that’s gone by since they took him from me that I haven’t thought about him. He turned 18 last August 24,” he said tearfully. “I wish he would come and find me.”

And well, with his video going viral, that dream was about to turn into reality.

Donny’s foster parents showed Donny the video who was at a loss for words to describe what he felt. “I did get a couple of tears in my eyes just knowing he was out there and just knowing he knew he had a son out there and that he was looking for me,” Donny said.





When asked what he would tell his father once they meet face to face, he went silent for a long time. He found it a hard question to answer.

But it was not long before father and son were to be reunited again.


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