10 Best Wedding Photographs of 2015


Dennis Berti

Four times annually, the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP), an organization that honors the best wedding photographers in the world, holds a member-only wedding photography contest, and participants can submit their best photos for twenty various categories.

Below are ten of the entries from the 2014 ISPWP contest. You can still check more photos in their official Web site, if you wish to see all of the submissions.

1. Pure Art Category

Nathan Welton

2. Pure Art Category

Emin Kuliyev

3. Framing the Subject Category

Paula Boto

4. Framing the Subject Category

Hendra Lesmana

5. Bride Portrait Category

Yana Zharintsova



6. Reception Category

Aurora Lechuga

7. Family Subject Category

Allen Ko

8. The Decisive Moment Category

Pedro Cabrera

9. The Decisive Moment Category

Dennis Berti

10. Venue or Location Category

Dennis Jagusiak

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