15 Out-of-Space Photos You Will Love


Have you ever wondered about how this world actually looks from up there? Not from the heavens, but from up space. We often see the universe since we were kids, but just on photos, picturing it out from the bedtime stories we were told, or by watching movies and documentaries. We never really got there or even stared at a real photo of the universe.

When we got older, we are craving more for the truth that lies behind the earth we’re on. And as the next generations emerge, the movies we see are not anymore like the 2D earth-and-other-planet stories. Parallel universe has become a pretty popular theme. Have you seen Sandra Bullock‘s Gravity or Matthew McConaughey‘s Interstellar? If you have, then you perhaps know some of these parallel universes modern-day film industry boasts.

With these movies, we have become a little less of a stranger to what is outside the earth. But it’s not just these films, some people have actually given us a more real view of the Solar System, and they are the people whom you have once wished to become like when you were young—astronauts. And these people who have gone there for real are not greedy not to share the wonderful sight they see up there. The photos below are just some of the most jaw-dropping photos taken from the space.

earth and moon



Spiral Galaxy

East coast US





USA Space view






Earth color

What now? Has your dream of becoming an astronaut been revived? That’s normal. It’s just usual for someone who’s been kept down under for all his life. But no one really knows how hard or easy it can get to stay there. The thing they say about gravity is true, so it’s not that heavenly. Let’s just feast our eyes with photos like this for now. That’s better than flying around, slowly running out of air to breathe.


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