16 Powerful Photos That Will Give You Chills


A picture can be more powerful than words. Maybe even more powerful than anything else combined.

These powerful photos are so moving there exists no word to describe the feeling they bring.

Struggle and Starvation


A vulture patiently awaits this starving kid’s death.



A Polish girl who was entirely raised in a concentration camp drew her representation of ‘home’.



A 105-year-old lady graces the street hand in hand with a 5-year-old as they evacuate due to Hurricane Katrina.

The Last Dance


Mary Ann Manning died shortly after her son’s wedding due to cancer but fulfilled her wish to see her son get married.



The Victim and the Assailant


John Lennon signs an autograph for fan Mark David Chapman who eventually shot Lennon a few days after the encounter.

Grand Reunion


After her 7-month service in Iraq, Terri Gurrola embraces her daughter in the airport.

Desperate Times


During the Great Depression, a man walks the streets of his neighborhood with a heartbreaking signboard in search for a job.

Augmented Reality


These poor captive animals look at the painted images of their natural habitats.



Carry on the Legacy


A boy tries his hardest to stay strong as he accepts the American flag at his father’s painful funeral.

All for Love


Jimmy Sue was in need of a kidney, so her husband, Larry Swilling, walked around their neighborhood with a sign asking strangers for help.

A Loyal Companion Forever


A dog lies on top of his master’s grave.

A Battle to Save a Life


This photo was taken after a 23-hour-long heart transplant.



Shell Shocked


A photograph of a man suffering from PTSD, also known as shell shock, during World War I.



This thirsty and injured koala bear was rescued by an Australian firefighter from a forest fire.

Death Can Never Separate People Who Are Deeply in Love


The man and his wife had been eating in this restaurant for many years. The man still continued to go to the restaurant with a picture of his deceased wife.

The Start of a Revolution


Dorothy Counts walks to Harry Harding High School while being bullied by her racist classmates for being the first black student to be given the right for education.



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