21 Awesome Camping Photos From Around The Globe

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Most people enjoy the occasional camping in the woods or on a mountaintop during their vacation. It is a great recreational activity to give you a break from the stresses of the busy city, and provide you with relaxation by getting in touch with the natural environment.

Camping under the night sky can also be a bit nostalgic — a perfect setting to peek at the vast world that lies above us. The starry skies makes it as Earth’s magnificent ceiling, which one can easily get lost in daze while mesmerizing in its beauty.

Here today are photos taken by campers from all over the world. They will take you to the most spectacular spots which are rarely seen. Maybe, they would even inspire you to go camping yourself.

1.  Camping Under the Bulgarian Night Sky

2.  Morning View From Campsite

3.  Star Trails Above Rocky Mountains

4.  Yellowknife, Canada, Night Sky

5.  CAmping grounds on Mount Etna, Sicily, Italy


6.  View From Matterhorn, Valais Alps, Switzerland

7.  Camping in the Border of France And Italy

8.  Vast Mongolian-Manchurian Grassland

9.  A Snapshot While Hanging Out Inside the Tree Tent

10.  Enjoying the Sighting of Aurora


11.  Camping Festival in China

12.  Camping Above 10,000 Feet

13.  El Capitan’s Dawn Wall, Yosemite National Park

14.  Spectacular Morning View

15.  Huai Nam Dang National Park, Thailand


16.  Couple Camping in the Woods

17.  Waking Up in the Woods

18.  Under the Night Sky of Uvac Canyon, Serbia

19.  Starry Night Over Peyto Lake

20.  Hanging the Tent in Trees



21.  The Perfect Way to Retire Under the Starry Alps Night Sky

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