24 Beautifully Unique Ways to Shoot Your Family Portraits


Our family are usually the people we are very close with. They are there for every trial and triumph, for all our cuts and bruises, and they are the ones who have been with us since day 1. But the time to go our separate ways always arrives. A time to stand on our own two feet. A time to be independent either to build our own family or for work or studies. Despite moving out of the nest, our bonds with them are still intact so it’s only normal that the memories we hold very dearly are those of our family.

But before you leave and close the door, why don’t you create a heartwarming family portrait to let everyone know that they are invariably stapled in your heart?

Don’t just settle with a conventional one with this portrait that you are aiming for. Make it something special . . . or even extraordinary. Something that’ll easily light up everyone’s heart and make them smile cheerfully when they look at it, or something that granny will proudly brag about to her bingo associates.
If you are someone who always puts family first, you’ll probably adore this post as much we did making it. Here, we have assembled twenty-four awe-inspiring family portraits shot by photographers with a fascinating view of things. Hopefully, this will inspire you to produce exceptional family portraits.

1. Coming Soon. Wanna take a family portrait even though the blessed one is still in the womb? A clever combination of vector shape and vibrant typography will do!

coming soon

2. FAMILY. Family—a word that describes the most precious thing in the world.


3. Composite Family Portrait. A magic trick performed by Erick Christian. This is the portrait that will make visitors keep asking you how you did it whenever they visit.

composite family portrait

4. Family Dog. This is a fun way to put the family pet into the picture. Well, it’s funny for everyone except dad, I guess.

family dog



5. Family Ties. You just want to stare at this photo and think about how genuinely beautiful this idea is. It’s a must-shoot for the family!

family ties

6. 2 + 2 = 4. Math has never looked so lovely with this family portrait.

2 + 2 = 4

 7. Happy Feet. It doesn’t require clear faces to make the portrait lovely, just a lovely family and their feet!

happy feet

8. Mommy, Daddy, Me, and Little Sister. Kisses all around for the family.

mommy, daddy, me and little sister

 9. Family Gallery. A father holding a portrait of mother holding a portrait of daughter, I just love this inception-inspired trick!

family gallery



10. Family of Dark Side. Spice up generic poses with iconic masks and be boring no more. The Dark Side has never looked so warm.

family of dark side

 11. Happy Father’s Day. A bit off-topic, but this is a wonderful shot for fathers with lots of angels (at least until they turn 16) in the house. Kiss attack!

happy fathers day

 12. Inception. Your family lives inside of . . . you?


 13. Inside Barber Shop. Sync the getups and leave the studio! With this kind of vibe going on, this family really rocked the barber shop.

inside barber shop

14. Levitation. There are portraits that are larger than life, then there are those that are ‘lighter’ than life. Grab that kid before he floats off! 


15. My Family and I. They all sure look alike, and the progression emphasizes their similarities.

my family and i

 16. Our Family Portrait. Remember to take your camera into the family portrait as well. To most of us photographers, we treat it like a son anyways!

our family portrait

 17. Parallel World. Ever thinking about shooting two creative family portraits into one? This is one unique way, well executed by Roberta Taylor.

parallel world

18. Super Family. “Me and my family flying over Portugal :)”

super family

19. The Combs Family. If you can hold your children tight, then this is the most fun memory you can shoot in a portrait!

the combs family



20. The Bale Family’s Christmas. It requires an epic family with an epic dog to do this epic family portrait.

the bale family's christmas

21. Bold Family Portrait. Isn’t this family portrait too badass? Brace yourself, the requests for your photo studio’s name from your friends and relatives are coming.

bold family portrait

22. Bri, Joel, and Indy. I’m amazed at how an impression could drastically change by just holding the photo frame in non-traditional way, and Kevin N. Murphy executed the idea perfectly.

bri, joel, indy

23. Zombie Baby. Double-confirm that all your family members are human before you take any family portraits! Thumbs up for the facial reactions!

zombie baby

24. Shadow Family. Well-placed sandals, a puddle of water, the right amount of light, and there you have it—a reflection of your family portrait.

shadow family
This innovative kind of family portraits take much more time to produce compared to regular ones, but you will be astonished with the results and how it will consistently cheer you up every time you revisit them, despite having a bad day. It also acts as your springboard in times of duress, which will save any broken relationships you face with your family.

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