24 Photos That Speak a Thousand Words …See What Makes These Pictures So Powerful


Photographs are those treasured memories and amazing moments that capture days gone by. Some of the following pictures show nature, natural disaster, staged events, and moments in a person’s life. They’re all powerful images in their own way.

Check out the collection of most amazing photos collected this week of October 2015.

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Temple of Santiago


Drought lowered the water level of the Grijalva River, and a church called the Temple of Santiago emerged.

R2-D2-Inspired Plane


Stormtroopers board an All Nippon Airways plane that was inspired by R2-D2.

Habtom Zarhum Memorial


The memorial for Habtom Zarhum, who was killed by a mob in a case of mistaken identity.

Skydiver Jumping from Tianmen Mountain


Indian Dussehra


This man is dressed as the demon king Ravana for a performance during the Dussehra celebrations in India.

Virginia Key Beach, Florida


These people are working on the tallest sand castle at Virginia Key Beach in Florida.

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