These Pictures Of Abandoned Amusement Parks Made Dustin Hoffman Freak Out …Find Out Why


With all due respect Mr. Dustin Hoffman, we’re still going to post these pictures.

Dustin did his best to persuade us not to leak these striking pictures of nature coming in to recover a dilapidated bumper car track. He even proposed to give us a role in one of his films, but we kindly declined to his offer.

Dustin Hoffman can plead with us for as long as he wants, but it’s still our decision to make at the end of the day. We can’t help, but post this bizarre photo of this abandoned park. Looking at it closely, it’s hard not to see the lively activities that once filled this place.

These pictures are too enthralling to simply sit on a storage card or hard drive to be hidden. If Dustin sees this as some sort of treachery, then so be it. The deed is done. Dustin has expressed his sentiment, but we’ve made up our minds.

Not much is known about these pictures, except for the chills that ran down our spine when we saw it. Dustin Hoffman was eager to pay us a thousand bucks in cold hard cash, just so he could keep it away from the eyes of the public. Taking the briefcase would’ve been easier, especially if it’s from someone so renowned, but it felt so wrong to take it.

This creepy depiction of a long-forgotten attraction is exactly the kind of bleak scenery that deserves to be brought to light, but good luck justifying that to Dustin Hoffman. This Ferris wheel overshadows the desolate grounds, crippled and abandoned by the very people it once lifted.




The years have been unkind to this wooden roller coaster since it had its final passenger. This picture stands as a pillar to symbolize the lost of innocence, and we honestly don’t know why Dustin Hoffman is so opposed to this.

We can’t help but wonder about how disturbed Dustin Hoffman will be once he sees this post. However, we can’t help but marvel at this ominous yet wonderful park ruin that seemingly froze in time as decay and rot gradually invade it.


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