An Assortment of Epic Panoramic Photo Fails

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Panoramic photos are best used when taking group photos or landscapes that cannot fit in your screen with only one snapshot. However, sometimes they create and produce these horrendous images that are weird and funny at the same time.

Here are 30 examples of these epic fails:

1.  Running Horse

2.  They are not twins

3.  A puppy now looks like a Cerberus

4.  The Walking Dog

5.  A faceless fan.

6.  Where did he buy this dog?

7.  Unattached torso and decapitated head.

8.  This must be a good catch.

8.  The hunchback of Portland.

9.  Cool stretchy arms.

 10.  Am I having double visions?

11.  How did he climb up there with only two legs?

12.  No nose.

13.  A photo of a distorted photographer.

14.  Better check herself in the mirror first.

15.  Happy Graduation Day!

16.  Um. . . We need an exorcist here quick!

17.  Woah! Her head is in the stadium.

18.  A 6-foot cat

19.  Extra hand.

20.  Weird couple.

21.  Movie night.

22.  I’m terrified by this photo. . .

23.  You can unwrap yourself with panorama, apparently.

24. Where is that hand connected exactly?

25.  Now, where is the horse?

26. That’s a very long school bus.

27.  Club Sandwich Face

28.  This guy is hand-headed.

29.  Dancing Dude

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