This Korean Artist Creates Mind-Blowing Works of Art Depicting Surreal Worlds

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While studying at Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea, JeeYoung Lee was involved in film and stage art. Because she had a degree in visual communications, she used her learning to create beautiful images of surreal worlds using her camera. For every fantastical setting, she normally spends about one or two months to plan and create the most complicated and intricate details. Despite the exhausting nature of living for art in Korea, this young artist has found a better way to transform her experiences into images that are captivating and enchanting.

Below are some of her best creations:

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Black Birds

Never-ending Race


Maiden Voyage

The Little Match Girl

I’ll Be Back


The Moment

My Chemical Romance

The Best Cure

Panic Room

Last Supper

Treasure Hunt

Broken Heart




Watch the video below

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