Butterflies Caught On Cam That Are Awesome To Behold

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This beautiful creature that mainly takes flight during the day belong to the order Lepidoptera. Their bright colors and frequent visits to flowers make them the most familiar insects to humans. Of the 17,500 species of butterflies in the world, only butterflies (and some moths) are the insects that have wings covered with scales, which adds more to their beauty.

Here are a fascinating collection of butterflies that will surely leave you in awe.

An Attacus Atlas Butterfly Resting On A Girl’s Nose

Beautiful Butterflies7

Glass-Winged Butterflies

Beautiful Butterflies8

Butterflies Resting On A Plant
Beautiful Butterflies1

A Butterfly Before the Sun Sets

Beautiful Butterflies20

A Beautiful Apollo Butterfly

Beautiful Butterflies9



An Eyeful Swallowtail Butterfly

Beautiful Butterflies10

Black And White Butterfly 

Beautiful Butterflies12

Gorilla Mobbed By Butterflies

Beautiful Butterflies14

A Yellow Butterfly That Closely Matches Its Surroundings 

Beautiful Butterflies15

A Girl and Her Blue Morpho Butterfly Nose

Beautiful Butterflies3



A Sea Butterfly

Beautiful Butterflies4

An Unstated Connection Between a Dog and a Butterfly

Beautiful Butterflies13

A Butterfly Disguising as a Leaf

Beautiful Butterflies16

Butterfly and Mantis Duo

Beautiful Butterflies18

Blue Flower Meets a Blue Butterfly

Beautiful Butterflies19



A Frog and Butterfly Meet and Greet

Beautiful Butterflies5

Butterfly Wing in Perfect Symmetry

Beautiful Butterflies6

These Butterflies and a Dreaded Gator

Beautiful Butterflies17



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