He Captures The Night Skies and the Results are Stunning

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João P. Santos, a 21-year-old Portuguese photographer, specializes in landscape photography over the past few years. However, recently, he came up with a new concept, which aims to join the elements of heaven and earth, value landscapes, culture, and architectural heritage, and also improve the Universe in a scientific and educational way. Although the sky is often filled with stars, nowadays, people don’t take notice.

While at the Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve, he tried to show how beautiful the night sky can be. He started a project, which featured the combination of various photographs taken in recent months, within a region in Southern Portugal, particularly Alentejo. For him, the place is perfect for a beautiful evening show.

Alqueva, Portugal, is the first ever site in the world that is certified by the Starlight Foundation as a “Starlight Tourism Destination”.

Basically, places that are listed as starlight destinations have very low light population. So, visitors get to enjoy an unparalleled and unique opportunity to watch the stars at night.

Check out some of the photos he took below:




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