Couple Braves the Cold to Shoot Engagement Photos in the Middle of Massive Blizzard


Usually, when it’s cold and there’s news of a blizzard, we just plan to laze the day off and stay indoors. But for David Nartey and Felicia Sam, there’s a better way to enjoy the cold weather.

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The couple from Maryland headed outside and braved the massive blizzard that hit the U.S. state on January 22, 2016. Dotun Ayodeji, the couple’s photographer, was also there to take photos of David and Felicia. But what for, you ask. The couple is actually about to get married, and they want the shots taken in the middle of the snowstorm to be their engagement photos, as they have always dreamed it to be.



According to BuzzFeed, Felicia had always liked the white background the snow gives because for her, it’s so different.


Despite being covered in snow, judging from the shots, the couple had so much fun. They said they didn’t even mind being cold.


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