Couple Endures -17°F Weather and Ties the Knot in a Unique Winter Wedding

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If there’s such thing as a white Christmas, then this couple says they can have a white wedding too. Meet the newlyweds who tied the knot in a place where the temperature was -17°F!

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The couple met each other in Moscow and ended up visiting the drastic weather of Murmansk, located Northwest of Russia, while they were on a business trip. Mesmerized by the white and slushy background of the snow-covered city, they made a promise that they will have their wedding there.

According to 27-year-old Svetlana, who is originally from Volgograd, she wanted to immortalize the beauty of the north using a camera, along with their old memories. She added that she and her husband, Sergey, had never seen such a beautiful display of nature.

What inspired them to have a unique wedding was the movie The Revenant, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio. The setting of the movie was a harsh winter environments and the lead star had to use his outdoor skills to survive.

Sergey and Svetlana’s nuptials were shot on camera by professional photographer Alexandr Kryazhev.

Kryazhev took wedding shots where the couple embrace each other, wrapped in blankets, as they pose for the camera. Some of the images also feature them feeding some animals at a nearby reindeer farm they visited after the formal ceremony was done.

Sergey said that they pretty much had a tight schedule because there was only one hour and nineteen minutes of daylight, and they also had to deal with weather conditions, which at the time reached a temperature of as low as -17°F.

The couple spent about seven hours outside the cold weather for their wedding. No need to worry about whether some guests might freeze in the cold because Svetlana and Sergey traveled to the area alone as they wanted a celebration just for the two of them. They plan to have a separate celebration with the rest of their family in later parts of summer.

The couple shared that they brought boots, hot tea, and coats to keep themselves warm. They ended their day in a sauna with a temperature of 212°F to warm their bodies up.

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