Kennel Club Announces Winners for Dog Photographer of the Year 2018

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The real magic of photography lies not in how well every image is taken but in the message the photo sends. For a long time now, we’ve relied on photography’s ability to freeze a memory we want to keep forever into this one colorful frame.

Photos have made us cry, some have sent us into fits of laughter. No matter how images made us feel, we treasure every moment they help us relive. Over time, photography has become this language we all speak and understand.

Perhaps it is for this reason that people just can’t stop sharing the photos they took with the world. This is further proven by photography contests that are held annually that encourage lensmen from around the world to show their best photos. One of the most popular among these is the Dog Photographer of the Year.

Winners from Dog Photographer of the Year 2018 Announced

Started in 2005, the Kennel Club in the United Kingdom chooses photos that have dogs as the aim subject to include in their list of images that capture the beauty and joy our canine friends shower the world with.

This 2018, the organization received over 10,000 submissions from 70 countries around the world. The result? A collection of photos that is truly a feast for the eyes. Below are some of the winning pieces.

The photography contest has ten categories, and a winner and two runner-ups are announced for each. Below are the overall winners of each category.


“The Lady of the Mystery Forest”

Subject: Noa, a Great Dane

Photographer: Monica van der Maden

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Dog Photographer of the Year winner


“Little Ceylin”

Subject: Ceylin, an Italian greyhound

Photographer: Klaus Dyba

Little Ceylin

Assistance Dogs and Dog Charities


Subject: Rocko, a German shepherd

Photographer: Dean Mortimer


Dogs at Play

“I’ll Catch You”

Subject: Lili, a Pomeranian

Photographer: Elinor Roizman

Dog Photographer of the Year Dogs at Play category

Dogs at Work

“Wayne’s Team”

Subject: working cockers Skye, Jenny, Bramble, Bonnie and retrievers Pippin, Milly, and Ember

Photographer: Tracy Kidd

Wayne's Team

Man’s Best Friend

“Dolce Far Niente on a Lovely Afternoon”

Subject: Godji, a Portuguese Podengo crossbreed

Photographer: Joana Matos

Dolce Far Niente on a Lovely Afternoon

Dog Portrait

“Glenturret Autumn Gold”

Subject: Crew, Darcie, and Pagan, retrievers

Photographer: Carol Durrant

Glenturret Autumn Gold

Rescue Dogs and Dog Charities

“Found My Way Home”

Subject: Cooper, Labrador retriever mix

Photographer: Sonya Kolb

Found My Way Home

Young Pup Photographer

“My Best Friend Roxy”

Subject: Roxy, a German shepherd

Photographer: Mariah Mobley

My Best Friend Roxy

I Love Dogs Because . . .

“One Heart, One Family”

Subject: Dash, Harley, Ready, Ryan, and Zenka, all border collies

Photographer: Tamara Kedves

One Heart, One Family

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