This Man Turned His Grandma’s Van into a Mobile Home to Capture Breath Taking Photos



Have you ever dreamed of a glorious adventure into Mother Nature’s open arms? Have you ever fantasized about going into the wild regardless of whether you get harmed or not? If so, this story is something you will truly admire. Travis Burke’s story is a tale that’ll definitely inspire you.

Travis Burke’s grandmother had no idea that her 1994 Dodge Ram van, which she bought years ago, would start a lifetime adventure for her grandson.

Burke, a 28-year-old from Oceanside, California, decided to transform the old vehicle into a mobile home that’s suitable for traveling cross-country. He came to this conclusion after seeing the van sit unused in his grandma’s front yard.

The van was then customized with a storage space, a sink, a mini fridge, a fold-out bed, and solar panels, after five months of work and nearly $8,000 in costs. With only his newly revamped house on wheels and his camera, Burke hit the road and he hasn’t looked back ever since.

Burke has been living his dream by driving around North America, photographing the amazing sights that the land has to offer for the last 16 months.

Across the United States and parts of Canada, Burke has covered over 60,000 miles. He manages his time between working with a variety of brands and sponsors to support his career as an adventure photographer, documenting the great outdoors, and editing the images on his laptop.





Despite the many challenges of Burke’s lifestyle — missing his family and friends while having to deal with flat tires, very few showers, and making financial ends meet — he still wouldn’t have it any other way.

Burke calls his incredibly rewarding experience, the “van life”. It has allowed him to sleep under the stars, share his wanderlust-worthy journey with others via social media, and has allowed him to see countless natural wonders.

Look at this beautiful scenery – clear skies, the shining sun, and crystal blue waters. No wonder Burke wouldn’t give up his lifestyle for anything.

Another beautiful landscape topped off with a wonderful river.

Amazing view on top of a waterfall and looking down to the waters below.





Simply majestic. This home for the giants is a wonderful and magical place to be.

Who wouldn’t want to take hike in such a wonderful place like this?

This image looks so surreal that Burke appears to be in a whole new dimension.

This ice cave is just marvelous to look at.

Night time doesn’t affect this waterfall’s beauty.





The sky, the stars, and the tent – it looks like the perfect setting for a romantic tale.

Burke told the Daily Mail, “I really hope to inspire people to get out and explore their own backyard. You don’t need to plan an elaborate vacation to wind up in a beautiful and unique landscape. I constantly try to push myself to the next level and I hope that I can creatively encourage others to do the same”.

Check out his journey by watching the video below.

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