These Spooky Scenes Look They are Straight From Grimm’s Fairy Tales


Photographer Kilian Schönberger, explores and seeks out the less-traveled regions of Europe, in search of places that rattle the barrier between reality and fantasy. The results are haunting pictures that look like they were taken out of a dream. Kilian Schönberger is like a professional scout for soon-to-be-released movies based on Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

On the photos below, Schönberger expertly uses fog, lighting, and framing to subtly suggest the fairy tales of The Brothers Grimm, in a resulting series called Brothers Grimm Homeland. He leaves it to our imaginations to finish the rest.

Germany, Avenue in Lower Bavaria



Czech Republic, Bohemian Forest Low Mountain Range



Czech Republic, Forest Chapel, Bohmian Forest



Czech Republic, Forest Scenes from Sumava National Park




Germany, Old Mill in Eastern Bavaria



Germany, Ruins of Castle Flossenburg



Germany, Ruins of Castle Frauenstein



Germany, Upper Palatinatian Forest




Germany, Upper Palatinatian Forest



Luxembourg, Waterfall in “Little Switzerland”

Waterfall-Little Switzerland-Luxembourg-1

The pictures that the photographer has captured were beyond spectacular. It truly looks like a place of fantasy that somehow extended to our realm of reality. Perhaps, it is better to reread the fairy tales by The Brothers Grimm while sitting in one of those places.


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