These Haunting Depictions of Ghosts will Scare You Senseless- Whoa!

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The following photos depict figures that are considered eerie to the point of terrifying. However, the effects created in the images produce a somehow hauntingly beautiful amidst the presence of horror in every one of them. Try to keep your eyes while you peruse each of them. They might be scary to look at, but they’re all worth the attention.

At first glance, Christopher McKenney‘s photographs can be extremely eerie for your usual artistic photo, but they signify more than just fear and unease.

Creepy Photo


Looks Real

For example, this photo represents a man who constantly has ideas but keeps them hidden and unexpressed.

Hides His Face

McKenney specializes in horror surrealism, and he is doing a great job.

Creepy Lady with a Doll

These photos might send ominous messages to the viewer, but they have deeper meanings that will make you think.

Killer as She Looks

Each image portrays men’s different struggles in life with various existential crises.


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