Heart-Stopping Aerial Shots Give New Perspective from Unusual Destinations



The “overview effect” is one of the experiences when describing the perceptional shift we see when we view things from high above… perhaps you’ve experienced while flying at 30,000 feet.  For the most part though these are reserved for astronauts or camera equipped drones.

But in the Instagram account Daily Overview, Benjamin Grant utilizes this effect to capture mesmerizing satellite images of man-made structures, crazy natural phenomena, and landmarks. So go ahead and enjoy this short series of proof of how amazing our planet is!

Port of Singapore, Cargo Ships and Tankers


Singapore’s port is the world’s second-busiest port right after the port of Shanghai. A few years ago, Singapore had the crown of supremacy, but it was snagged by Shanghai.

Spain, Huelva Orchard


What you’re looking at are fruit tress swirling their juicy branches on the hills of the Huelva orchard.

Victorville, US, Southern California Logistics Airport


This photo makes you think about what’s going to happen to you when you’re unable to fly. Who would’ve thought that seeing over 160 old and retired planes in one spot is a pretty good reality check.

Norfolk, Virginia, US, Lamberts Point Pier 6


This is the biggest coal-landing facility in the Northern Hemisphere. Look at the photo, they all look very small from afar.

Marrakech, Morocco, The Medina Quarter


You’ll easily get lost in the twisted labyrinths of this North African city, especially if you don’t have a keen sense of direction.  Be sure to call a taxi.



India, Neighbourhoods of Sntosh Park and Uttam Nagar


People in these districts are forced to live in extreme conditions because of the overpopulation. It’s something most of us couldn’t even bear to imagine because we take basically everything for granted.

Utah, US, The Moab Potash Ponds


It’s amazing that a pond full of water and salts can produce vibrant colors.

Yellowstone National Park, US, The Grand Prismatic Spring


Drifting from the cooler edges of the spring, billions of tiny cyanobacteria form remarkable rings from their pigments, creating almost rainbow-like colors.

Cairo, Egypt, The Great Pyramids of Giza


These ancient pyramids still hold mysteries to present day.

Dubai, UAE, Whirlpool Interchange


Roughly 25 percent of all the construction cranes on the planet are situated in Dubai.



Lisse, Netherlands, Tulip Fields


From red to blue and green to yellow, this is truly a breathtaking view. The entire country drowns in vivid colors of tulips in April.

Italy, The Roads through Stelvio Pass


This is probably the scariest road you can ever imagine. This serpentine road is the highest paved route in the Eastern Alps.

Darrow, Louisiana, US, Aluminum Toxic Waste Pond


They may look beautiful, but the pond is highly toxic and could be fatal for anyone.

Paris, France, Arc de Triomphe


The names of all 125 battles of the First French Republic and Napoleon’s Empire and the names of all the general are scribbled on the walls of the Arc.

New York City, US, Central Park


Although it takes up only 6 percent of the island of Manhattan, this magnificent park carries its own New York personality

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