Black-and-White Photo Series Reveals How China Has Changed Over the Past Century


Only a few nations have experienced a rapid rate of expansion over the past century. And one of the greatest transformations the world has witnessed is that of China.

This black-and-white photography series by Dheera Venkatraman, titled Time Travelling in China, shows just how the world’s most populous country became the progressive nation that it is today.

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Venkatraman looked through various archives and old books for pictures of China in the early 20th century. He then tried to recreate the images by taking shots from the same angle as the original photographs.

The old and new photographs, which were all converted to black and white, highlight the difference and what was retained after the frenzy industrialization.


The new shots reveal how the once agricultural lands became cities filled with skyscrapers, bridges connecting islands, and unpaved pathways transformed into wide concrete roads.


Venkatramam’s project wasn’t completed without some setbacks. In some locations, the viewpoint was either blocked or already owned privately. Yet he was able to obtain great series of images that showcase the country’s swift growth and evolution.

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