This is Not a Photo … It is Actually a Hyper Realistic Pencil Drawing – Wow!

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Each day, Paul Cadden takes photos using his camera before converting them into mind-blowing black-and-white drawings. In the technique he calls hyper-realism, he uses a graphite pencil, which makes the drawings look really realistic. The latest addition to his collection features a 50-year-old man, photographed in Guangzhou, China, and Hong Kong.

Because of Paul’s keen attention to details, the results of his work would often look like the work of a talented photographer. In reality though, these are just works of a gifted artist as all of these are drawn by hand.

As an artist, Paul is very precise when it comes to every minute element of his work.So, even if he only uses watercolors and graphite pencil, he can still recreate photos in black and white.

Paul and his team need to work for about three to six weeks to produce A1 or A0-sized drawings. Once they are done, they sell these at galleries at no less than £5,000 each.

Paul Cadden, a Scottish artist, uses graphite pencil to draw hyper-realistic images, based on photos he takes while traveling. This photo of a laughing woman was captured earlier this year in China.

Magical moment: Scottish artist Paul Cadden uses graphite pencil to create hyperrealistic drawings, based on photographs he takes while on his travels. The 50-year-old captured this woman laughing while he was visiting China earlier this year

Paul created a drawing of his girlfriend from a photo he took while on a vacation last Summer.

Mr Cadden created this drawing of his girlfriend from a picture he took while visiting Boqueria Market, on summer 2014 in Barcelona, Spain

He also took a photo of an elderly Chinese man, sitting on a stool in November last year.

He took a photo of a lady wearing a sun hat in December. Later on, he transformed it into this beautiful work of art.

Altered reality: Mr Cadden took a photograph of a smiling lady wearing a sun hat in Yangshuo in December and later transformed it into this stunning work of art. His drawings feature minute detail, including patterns, strands of hair and facial lines



While travelling along the the Li River, Paul saw an elderly man. He immediately snapped a photo of him.

Precision: While travelling along the Li River, Yangshou in January, Mr Cadden, from Glasgow, spotted this elderly gentlemen who he later portrayed in a black and white photo.  Mr Cadden's work is considered so niche that they can sell at galleries for up to £5,000 each

This was drawn from a photo, which Paul took while in London.

Detail: This self-portrait was drawn from a photograph which Mr Cadden took while in Oxford Street, London, in July. The artist specialises in hyperrealism - a form of detailed drawing that it so lifelike it could be mistaken for a photograph

This man was photographed along a river in Yangshuo.

Smokescreen: Hyperrealism was born from the idea of photorealism, which are paintings based on photographs but created in a non-photographic medium. Mr Cadden photographed - and later drew - this man as he made his way along a river in Yangshuo in March 

Entitled “Seascape”, this drawing is a fictional art of an imagined beach.

Shades of grey: This drawing, entitled Seascape, is a fictional drawing of an imagined beach. It takes the artist an average of three to six weeks to create each piece and they usually come in A1 or A0 size

Here are some of Paul Cadden’s masterpieces:


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