I’m On the Top of the World: Daredevil Photographer Shutters From all Points



Lucinda Grange is an adventure photographer, who usually surveys the Manhattan skyline while on the edge of the Chrysler Building. In one photo that appears like a Hollywood CGI, the 25-year-old daredevil from Hartpool, UK, is seen sitting at the top and on the edge of a 61-story building.

For the past six years, Lucinda has travelled all over the world, going to really famous and tall structures and taking photos from the top.

The Brooklyn Bridges, the Great Pyramid of Giza, New York’s Manhattan, and the Firth of Forth Rail Bridge in Scotland are among the impressive buildings she has already climbed. But, despite the high injury risks and constant threats of being noticed by security officers, she still takes the challenges.

Apart from exploring bridges and buildings, this daredevil has also tried exploring abandoned subway stations, labyrinth sewage systems, and hidden rivers, along with her friends.

When asked about the most exciting and thrilling adventure she’s ever had, she simply recalled it was her trip to Egypt to climb the Great Pyramid. It was night time last summer when she and her friend sneaked into the darkness to escape the site’s tight security. And, they were indeed lucky. They were able to go up 455 feet high of the world’s ancient wonder.

While at the top of the world, Lucinda poses on the edge of Carpe Diem building in the Paris’s central business district.

For six years, Lucinda has traveled the world visiting the famous and high structures and buildings.

While perched hundreds of feet on the edge of Chrysler Building, Lucinda Grange surveys the Manhattan skyline.


She even risks her life just to take the photo from the top of New York’s Time Square.



Here is a lovely photo of Notre Dame Cathedral with the Eiffel Tower afar.

While on the top of Firth of Forth Rail Bridge in Queensferry, Scotland, Lucinda took this stunning photo.

Alone at night, she also took the photo above from the Manhattan Bridge to witness the beauty of New York City lit up in the darkness.

She also stood on the Transporter Bridge in Newport, Wales, as part of her exploration.


She also slept with her friends in the Bunker d’Guerra in Milan, Italy.



Despite all the security patrolling the area, Lucinda and Max had their photos taken on top of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Max, Lucinda’s friend, sat on top of the ancient wonder of the world.

She also explored the ruins of the Bulgarian Communist Party Headquarters in Mount Buzludzha, Bulgaria.

During one of her travels, Lucinda discovered this abandoned subway station in New York.



Along with Bradley Garrett, Luca Urba, and Mark Explo, Lucinda descended beneath London to discover the the underground River Fleet.



While in search of the underground River Fleet, Lucinda took this photo.

She also made her way down the side of Notre Dame Cathedral to take this photo of Battersea Power Station Chimney.


Watch this daredevil photographer in action below:


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