Imagine these Amazing Images if We Replaced the Moon with Other Planets


We’re all aware that we have neighboring planets in our solar system. We also know that most cannot be seen with the naked eye unless we have very powerful telescopes.

But how about we, for a quick minute, use our imagination and picture out how it might look like if the remaining planets in the solar system were to replace the moon.

Can’t imagine? Go ahead and check out our photos below and get ready to be awestruck.





Gorgeous, right? However, there would be a downside from having such a beautiful scenery. The gravitational pull of these colossal planets would disrupt the Earth’s rotation to the point that we may actually end up spinning out of the orbit.

Nevertheless, there’s nothing wrong about letting our imagination rule over the laws of Physics for a minute. Let’s just enjoy it the way we can.



Here’s the cool video by YouTube’s Yeti Dynamics.

The night version is pretty cool too.

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