An Italian Beach Resort Photographed from Above …You Won’t Believe How Organized it is


Bernhard Lang is a Munich-based photographer who was enticed by the perfectly uniform arrangements of colored umbrellas at a seaside resort in Adria, Italy. Bernhard had a vacation in one of the resorts and noticed how the umbrellas are perfectly arranged, even though each of them is used and owned by different hotels. After a month, he decided to return—this time by air—and shot a lot of photos  for several hours on the coastline between Ravenna and Rimini.

Start your day by staring at this series of aerial photos captured by Lang’s camera lens.












Bernhard Lang is famous for his aerial photography of known locations around Germany, including industrial sites and coal mines.  All of his work is available as fine art prints. All of the beautiful photos of a seaside resort in Adira shared above were shot by Lang.

It’s time to try the same. Who knows, aerial shots may just be better than shots taken on land.

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