It’s a Bug’s Life — 15 Awesome Photos of Bugs Up Close

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SEM or the Scanning Electron Microscopy is a whole new technique of taking photos of objects that are too small to be seen by the naked eye. With the ability of these microscopes to take close up photos of almost hidden things, people get to see surreal images.

These electron microscopes are manufactured by FEI, which has been running a regular competition for the last few years, for the best SEM photos. Below, we have chosen 15 of the best out of the hundreds of submissions.

A Parasitic Mite on a Mosquito

An Embryonic Zebrafish

A Bed Bug

A Moth Head

A Caterpillar

A Dog Flea

A Bluebottle Maggot

A Gecko Leg

A Spider Head


The Eyes of a Mosquito


A Bee Head

A Wasp Head

Another Caterpillar

A Marine Worm

An Aphid on a Leaf


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