Rare Photos of World’s Most Famous Landmarks Before They Were Completed


They look like they’ve been there since forever, but just like anything else, the world’s most famous landmarks started as a mere speck of dust.

Here are photos that show what some of the world’s famous landmarks looked like before they were completed.

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The Sydney Opera House, Sydney


This is an image that depicts Australia’s most popular landmark in the year 1965. As you can see, it’s still in construction. It was 1973 when the shell roofed building was finally completed.

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona


You might not believe it, but this famous landmark by Antoni Gaudi began its construction back in 1882. The picture that you see above is from the year 1915. To this day, the La Sagrada Familia is still unfinished and is hoped to be completed by 2026.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris


The photo you see above is the city of love’s main attraction. The photo was taken in the year 1888 during the construction of its base. The landmark was successfully finished in 1889.

The Empire State Building, New York


This magnificent picture shows the Empire State Building in its construction phase back in 1931. Aside from that, it’s also an interesting fact that it only took over a year to finish the building despite its gigantic size.

Flatiron Building, New York


Here’s another landmark that is quite popular in Manhattan, New York. The Flatiron Building is a 22-story building, which only took a year to build. This picture was taken back in 1902 during its construction phase.

The London Eye, London


Starting out as a British tourist attraction, the London Eye soon became a famous landmark. It began its construction back in 1998 and it was made open to the public in the year 2000.

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