Man Quits Job to Venture into Underwater Photography Aimed at Educating People About Life Under the Sea


Sharks are one of the most efficient and feared hunters in the animal kingdom, so it’s little surprise that most people would not want to swim with them. For one photographer, the experience wasn’t terrifying at all. He said it was extremely calming. He used his skills to show just how majestic the predators can be. Here are some of his amazing underwater images.

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Matt Draper, who is originally from New Zealand, began taking photos only two years ago. He changed career from being a carpenter to documenting animals underwater. He now lives in Byron Bay, Australia, and he takes his photos there and in other exotic locations of the world.

His pictures have been so wonderful and compelling that he’s garnered 70,000 followers on Instagram. His images show his encounters with tiger sharks, great white and hammerhead sharks, pilot wales, turtles, seals, manta rays, and much more. He does not use scuba gear, so all these photos are captured while he’s holding his breath under the water.

Draper told the Mail, “Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a fascination with the ocean. I have always wanted to capture dramatic scenes from the ocean that encourage a certain emotion.”

The photographer says that going into the ocean gives him the best chance to capture some of the ocean animals in their natural habitat.

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