Daredevil Model Plunges into a Lagoon Full of Crocodiles in One-of-a-Kind Underwater Photo Shoot

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Roberta Mancino has conquered mind-blowing stunts in the past, but now the Italian thrill-seeker and international model has done something out of the ordinary she fulfilled her dreams of swimming with crocodiles.

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Mancino traveled all the way to the Gulf of Mexico to reach the water lagoon in the middle of the Banco Chinchorro, which is home to roughly 700 of these crocodiles.

“I have a list of animals which I would love to swim with, so it was one of my dreams to swim with crocodiles,” the 35-year-old model said. Mancino needed to adapt to the crocodile’s behavior until it would be safe for her to swim with them.

“I have wanted to do this project for six years, but I could never find someone to fund it because it is so dangerous,” Mancino shared. “I was about to go there myself without a sponsor and then social network TSU said that they would fund the production.”

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