Strong is the New Pretty

Mom’s Powerful Photos of Her Daughters Spark Emotion


Throughout history, society has long dictated how women should act and carry themselves. Majority of these societal conventions have favored the masculine and the patriarch is deemed to be the superior sex of any field imaginable. In fact, little recognition has been given to women who contributed equally, if not more, to any field of study that only man has been known to dominate.
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However, history has also seen the game changing prowess that women possess to earn their right as an equal in this patriarchal society.

This is one advocacy that professional photographer Kate Parker wanted to instill among her two daughters, Ella, who is 9 years old and Alice, aged 6. Parker, a native from Atlanta, Georgia, immortalized this advocacy through a photo series titled, “Strong is the New Pretty”.

“Strong is the New Pretty” is a series of candid photographs that feature her daughters and their friends, giving strong emphasis on their strengths and characters, while highlighting the image of what the modern girl really is.

The mother of two shares that the inspiration for the photo series came while poring over photographs she has taken of her daughters over the years.

‘My kids are this, you know? Athletic and strong and dirty and loud and crazy. That’s what I’m trying to celebrate.’

The proud mother gushed fondly over her daughters.
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