This is Hand Down the Most Inspiring Travel Video Ever Made

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Internet is like a big box of selfies. There could be millions of selfies that can be found on the Web, and it’s because pretty much everyone posts a selfie. They put up their best shot on their social media account and hope for people to like it. Kim Kardashian is the goddess of it. Even the Pope does it. And you’ve probably done it too.

But have you ever wondered who’s the person who made the best selfie in the world?

And now we give you the Internet’s best selfie compilation. The photos in this series are taken in major sites and the most exotic places in over thirty-six countries and in a 360° rotation.

The one who made the selfie travel video is Alex Chacon. He is a modern motorcycle diaries adventurer and rider who drives his motorcycle at a distance of over 200,000+ km, crossing more than seventy-five borders around, making his way to the most remote and undiscovered places on earth.







So you think this is the best selfie video in the world? You decide!

Watch the full video below.

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