Most Powerful Photos of Animals on the Internet

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Earth is home to a variety of living species – from the smallest microorganism swimming in the waters to the mightiest beasts in the forests. And every year, more and more individuals are able to take remarkable photos of these varied creatures. Though some of them look odd, they still prove that the planet has lots of amazing things to offer. Here are some of the best photos:

1. A Jaguar Caught in the Sea

2. A Deer Breaking-Free

3. Man and His Ape Pal

4. Man and a Baby Elephant

5. An Adorable Baby Tiger



6. A Dog and His Cow Friends

7. A Sleeping Man with His Goat Tied in His Wrist

8. India’s Frozen Apes

9. Bathing and Drinking Baby Monkeys

10. A Shark Attacking a Seal



11. A Dog Taking Care of a Baby Tiger

12. A Man Feeding a Goat and a Bear

13. Lovable Little Pandas

14. A Swarm of Ducks in China

15. An Optical Illusion of a Woman and Her Pooch



16. A Man Communicating with a Shark

17. A Roaming in the Streets

18. Pink Dogs at the Hopi Festival

19. A Turkish Protester and Her Cat

20. A Yacht with a Giant Whale Underneath



21. A Pooch Dressed Like a Fine Lady

22. These Three Little Bears

23. Dogs and Their Barrel Houses

24. A Polar Bear Enjoying the Sun

25. A Monkey Enjoying His Freedom



26. A Dog Drinking Water

27. A Baby Polar Bear and Her Caretaker

28. A Man Walking His Dogs and a Sheep

29. A Baby Pudu

30. A Dog Helping a Girl to Drink



31. A Dachshund Dressed Like a Cool Guy

32. A Photobomber Sloth

33. A Woman and A Baby Hippo

34. A Panda Playing with His Toy

35. A Bear Enjoying the Snow



36. A Baby Koala inside a Cup

37. An Elephant Comforting a Woman

38. A Bear Saved by Rescuers

39. A Baby Donkey and His Recovering Legs


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