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Our Collection of Perfectly-Timed Photos …These will Blow You Away

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They say a picture paints a thousand words, but sometimes, a picture does not only say lots of things, it completely blows your mind.

A perfectly-timed photo is all about capturing amazing photos at the right place, at the right time and at the right angle. Though at times, these are done as planned or with the manipulation of some skilled-hands, there are still chances of capturing one-in-a-million shots.

Anyone who owns a smart phone equipped with a camera can definitely capture such a moment, whether planned or spontaneous. In fact, sometimes, you never notice that you have captured a perfectly-timed photo, until you transfer your files to your computer.

There are lots of these perfectly-timed photos floating around the internet at this time. Here are some of the all-time favorites.


Rainbow and Lightning

Bike Accident

Human Fish

Statue Lightning




Man with Clouds


Eiffel Tower

Fire Breathing Dog

Crane and Moon




Man Stepping on Moon

Making the Sun a Ball

Girl by the Sea

Legendary Dog






Woman on Beach

Water Helmet

Moon Olympics

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