“Phone-Less” Series Shoot Reveals How Technology Has Invaded Our Culture and Relationships


Eric Pickersgill, an American photographer, made a project called Removed, which aims to show our addiction to technology and hyper-connectivity. Admitting that he’s among those considered a tech-addict and wanting to know how it would look like if people didn’t have a phone to hold, Pickersgill removed the smartphones and digital devices from his portraits.

Pickersgill had a chance encounter in a New York café, which became his inspiration for the project. He writes in his notes from that day, “Family sitting next to me at Illium Café in Troy, NY, is so disconnected from one another.”

He further added, “Not much talking. Father and two daughters have their own phones out. Mom doesn’t have one or chooses to leave it put away. She stares out the window, sad and alone in the company of her closest family. Dad looks up every so often to announce some obscure piece of info he found online.”

That encounter gave birth to this series of photos that reflect life in the absence of technological advances.

Three kids “hanging out” together


A couple whose bodies are close but whose souls are far away.


In today’s world, this is how you spend time with each other.




A mother and father absent-mindedly disregard their kids for technology.


A mother and daughter having some “quality time” with each other.


This is how we spend time with our families now.


Nowadays, people are so glued to their gadgets that they end up forgetting about the people around them.




Friends who used to talk with each other and have healthy conversations.


Instead of celebrating the occasion, these newlyweds are busy with their phones.


Can you truly have a nice vacation if you are so busy uploading pictures on SNS?




Spending the day with some buddy of yours and having a barbecue ain’t exactly the same anymore.


Pretty sure these girls are having the time of their life


A couple who prioritizes gadgets and social media and not their relationship


By asking strangers and friends to pose and remain in position, then taking their phones and snapping the shot, Pickersgill has been successful in creating these surreal images.

To quote the late Sir Albert Einstein, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction.” It appears that the day he dreaded has indeed arrived, and we are living in a world that is nothing but a box of sad truth.



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