Photographer Captures the Everyday Struggles Parents Face …Been There!


Danielle Guenther, a family photographer, understands the difficulties of being a parent.

Guenther lives and loves the tedious task because she is also a mom herself. She may enjoy those picture-perfect moments as a parent, but she is also aware of the exhaustion any parent experiences during those very real moments, which her clients go through during the whole process of family photo shoots.

Guenther shared that it was after one particular photo shoot that she decided to start capturing more real moments of families.

In a phone interview, Guenther explained that she it was when saw a mom who “just sort of laid down in complete exhaustion.” Moments later, the father then collapsed on the couch right next to her. That’s when the light bulb in her head clicked on.

Guenther found the scene amusing, so she decided to take more photos that are as realistic as what she saw. In the following shots, she let them use a few props. She named the photos Parenting Is Exhausting. She later said that “people went crazy for it” and added that “they were relating” after she shared her shots on her Facebook page.

While doing the photo shoot, Guenther witnessed that it was easier for the parents to portray a realer image because they were thinking about their real-life experiences. The photos are the complete opposite of all those near-perfect photos people share on Instagram and Facebook.

Eventually, Guenther decided to take more of these photos and compile them into a photo series, which she named Best Case Scenario.

Before she starts, Guenther takes time to know each family. Then she creates a moment that is just right for the perfectly imperfect shot based on the family’s lifestyle. Whenever her clients look at the shots, they are often torn between adding her images to their collection or remove those photos on the wall and replace them with her creations.

So you can see it for yourself, we have prepared some photos from Guenther’s Parenting Is Exhausting, along with 18 other shots, in this hilarious but relatable photo collection.

Must . . . Not . . . Awake . . . the Baby


Every parent has been there. Your baby is finally asleep, and so you have to be very careful with your every move so you won’t wake him up. These are those times when even reaching for the remote control becomes a real struggle.

The Competition Is Serious


When you just moved to your new house and you switch to playing games to decide who’s gonna do the unpacking and you get that game face on as you try so hard not to lose.

Laundry Day


Laundry day. It should be the most exciting day for any parent, but . . . is it really?

Tip Toe Through the Bedroom


Pulling off a Mission Impossible kind of tactic as you try to get out of your kids’ room without them noticing is something that’s pretty normal for any parent.

Shopping Made More Fun


Ah, there’s nothing more fun than going grocery shopping with your adorable bundles of joy—unless they cause total chaos and wreak havoc in the store.



Spending the Afternoon with the Kids


Just having a relaxing and refreshing time with your kids, selling lemonades and—wait, is that wine?

Mornings Are Never the Same


Trying to enjoy a relaxing morning during your family vacation? You might want to reconsider that.

“We’re Going to Be Late!”


Early in the morning, and your whole house looks like an after-party mess.

Having a Fancy Lunch


That awkward moment when you just wanna drop your fork, walk out, and forget everything because your kids went berserk at the restaurant.

You Were Supposed to Buy Milk


Dad, you had one job. One job was all you had.



Cooking with Baby 101


You might want to focus on what’s on your pot—especially if you have a baby.

Having a Wonderful Bath


When you have children, showers are never peaceful.

Just Another Day in the Household


A house with kids looks busier and messier than an office.

The Hangover: Parent Edition


There’s no such thing as a vacation or sick leave for parents. They simply don’t get any breaks.

Give Me a Minute


Here’s a typical scenario: one parent is having her hands full while the other is busy with his phone.



You Have a Guest


Having a messy house is normal, especially when you have kids. But about the chicken, there’s just no explanation for that.

Having a New Family Member


There are times when parents are unaware of who they’re feeding especially if they’re too exhausted to open their eyes and check.

After a Year . . .


A year later, Guenther photographed the same family, but look at who’s on the bed now enjoying a hug? This one’s pretty legit.

Our parents aren’t perfect, but every one of them always tries their best. These photos show the kind of love our moms and dads live every day ever since we were born—a life full of hardships, struggles, love—and, of course, some hilarious moments.



Check out the video below.

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