Photographer Captures These Under-Water Monsters …Just When you Thought it Was Safe


Alexander Semenov is not just an explorer. He is a marine biologist, underwater photographer, and head of the diver’s team at Moscow State University. He is part of the university’s white sea biological station along with a couple members. They regularly take dives into treacherous and often hostile waters to perform research in order to discover some of earth’s most bizarre and hardly seen sea animals.

Semenov explained, “My own goal is to study underwater life through camera lenses and to boost people’s interest in marine biology, sharing all my finding on social media and in real life through public lectures, exhibitions, and media events. I have the amazing opportunity to see beauty in the darkness underwater, and this led me to multiple collaborations with the National Geographic, Discovery Channel, the BBC, Nature, Smithsonian, and many more.”

Topping it all off, Semenov is also the leader of the Aquatilis Expedition, a different type of research where art and science are perfectly infused. The group is also one of a kind because it is comprised by normal people and great minds of the scientific community alike. Semenov added, “We’re preparing to launch in late 2016 as an international team of divers, scientists and videographers on a proposed three-year-long, 35,000-nautical-mile ocean trek to find new species and photograph sea creatures as never before.”

If you are fascinated by the underwater world, then his new underwater shots will mesmerize you even more. The photos showcase monster jellyfish and sea worms. These creatures are just a small chunk of what dwells beneath the surface of the vast ocean since a huge percentage of all marine life are yet to be studied or even discovered.











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