Animal Photographer Swims with Polar Bears and Takes ‘Inspiring and Empowering’ Shots

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While diving off the coast of north east Canada, Amos Nachoum came face to face with a dangerous predator. The 65-year-old says he was just feet away from the bears, but he had no time for fear. He did not feel like he was in danger because the bears did not change their behavior when they saw him in their midst. His goal is to educate people to protect the bears and their habitat.

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Nachoum says that these are the most inspiring and empowering photos he has ever taken. It was the most thrilling moment of his life capturing the majestic beasts.

Nachoum has attempted this type of photo shoot before, but that time the single male polar bear saw him as a threat and chased him off. This time, he came prepared. He has studied bears for ten years before he walked into their territory.

He stayed around 200 yards away at first and let the bears swim toward him. When he was 20 feet away from the creatures, he submerged into the water and took the photos. The animals did not feel threatened and did not attack him.

In the past, Nachoum photographed crocodiles, anacondas, leopard seals, great white sharks, orcas, and grizzly bears. The challenge for him is to manage the risk that comes with entering a wild animal’s territory.

Nachoum has studied these animals, and he has learned how to integrate himself in their environment in a safe way. It is because he is so careful in his endeavor that he has been kept alive.

Joining him on his trip were filmmakers, safety divers, and Inuits. Nachoum cautions that this should never be attempted alone. The veteran photographer has 35 years of experience. Animal photography is very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.

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