This Photographer’s ‘Eyescape’ Wedding Photos Are Indeed Eye-Catching


Peter Adams-Shawn, an Australian photographer for Memories of Tomorrow, is making headlines for his unorthodox “eyescape” wedding photos.


He calls his photos “eyescapes” because these reflect the actual wedding-day activities through the eyes of the guests.


To take these stunning wedding shots, he first mingles with the couple and their families. Then he takes his camera to capture photos of the bride getting ready and other wedding-related activities through the eyes of the guests.


Because his style is very unique, many get mesmerized by the results. According to some of his clients, it is unusual to see these wedding scenes from anothers point of view.



“I’ve always had a thing for reflections,” Adams-Shawn said.


His very first eyescape was taken in October 2011. He was just playing around with a reflection he saw in the eyes of his client. Although he was pleased with the results, it was only in November 2014 that he started using the technique more often.


Last year, he participated in the International Loupe Awards with his second eyescape. As expected, many were impressed by his unusual technique. He said that he knows only a couple of photographers who are capable of taking similar pictures, but none of them use the technique consistently during ceremonies like he does.


Assuming the photos are just made from composites, the judges at the richest photography competition labeled his works unrealistic. Later on, the head of the jury issued an apology noting that his eyescapes are all single shots.




If lighting makes it possible, Adams-Shawn makes sure he captures eyescapes at every wedding.


He said that clients normally request them, but they don’t always end up in something meaningful. “I use a Canon 5D Mk III, which offers the ability to focus. If you or the subject move a fraction of a millimeter, the focus is lost,” he explained. “The other challenge is making sure you’re not in the shot—I find about half the time a portion of my right elbow can slip into the shot.”


Among his most challenging tasks was taking the photo above. It shows a two-year-old kid looking at her parents during their wedding. For him, the photo is one great example of something that shows emotional connections.




In the photo below, he also captured another emotional moment where a groom is watching his bride posing at Sugarloaf Rock in Australia.


There are also instances where he takes reflection photos of meaningful objects like wedding rings.


But currently, he is studying how to take photos at reflections in the bubbles.




Here is a video tutorial on how to use reflections in photography:


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