Photos of China’s Rice Paddies Produces Spectacular Mirror Like Images …Wow

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Photographers have always had that particular skill to turn one amazing view into something even more astonishing and this camera man is no exception.

The breathtaking pictures were taken by Malaysian photographer Alex Goh Seong, who started taking the photos not more than an hour before sunset in order to garner a mirrored effect of the horizon under the colorful twilight. The photographer specifically traveled to Yunnan, China, just to take pictures of the country’s famous rice paddies. Simply astonishing with the way nature exposes its beauty through a lens.

Light creates a blending effect of colors in the water

The province of Southeastern Yunnan covers a 2,200 km². In the aerial photos, you can spot farmers diligently cultivating the wide rice fields.


Photos of the morning sunlight peeking through the clouds


 The town of Yunnan is encircled by majestic mountains



The water in the field compliments the magic of nature


Sunset in Yunnan


Yunnan is famous for its legendary rice terraces which forms part of the 45th World Heritage Site in China


Alex Goh Seong traveled from Malaysia to capture these legendary rice fields

Photo after photo reveals how scenic the area really is…